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About Psychedelics Protocol

The Psychedelics Protocol has been made to help the millions of people who are having psychedelic experiences get the most out of it. A psychedelic experience is not something to take lightly. It can change your life. Our mission is to make sure that is for the better.

It's free to use, only leave an email to get occassional updates, because we believe this information should be as widely available as possible. With a voluntary donation, you will help make this information even better and more visible.

Our goal is to help people have a better trip. A donation will help add more information, translate the protocol, and add features that the community has requested. The psychedelic renaissance is now!

Why Donate

  • Because you had a better trip
  • The tools helped a friend
  • You had a more meaningful psychedelic experience
  • You learned someting valuable
  • You believe more people should experience this
  • You will help our selected charities

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Help these charities!

30% of all our revenue (donations and consulting services) will be given to these two amazing organisations!


MAPS: making evidence-based treatments for mental health conditions


StrongMinds: treating depression at scale

Contact Us

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If you have questions, feedback, suggestions, or want to help out with the protocol (e.g. by helping with translations), then send us a quick email.

Donate FAQ

Questions, Answers

No, please only donate when that is financially possible for you.

70% of the donations will be used to host, maintain, and improve the Psychedelics Protocol. 30% of donations will be redirected (every quarter) to MAPS (15%) and StrongMinds (15%), two organisations that are making the world a better place.